Flavor and size

Approximately all cakes have flavor and size option. Please, be sure that you have chosen them properly.

Please, be advised that we use nuts and gelatin, even though some descriptions may say of the absents of it, the effect of cross contamination may be in effect. If this don't conform with you, cancel the order. 

Color and decoration

We do not match absolutely pictured cakes. The color may slightly differ from how it looks like on the picture. Amount of decoration depends on the cake's size and may not look absolutely similar to the pictured cake.

Pickup date and time

We work on a commercial kitchen and deliver orders for pickup on exact appointment time. It is very important to arrive at your booked one. However, it is ok to have changes and we appreciate to get a request to move pickup time a day before. Please, arrive on time if you did not request any changes.

Pickup, transportation and storing conditions

Please use the following information to pickup, deliver to your destination and keep the order safely:

  • Please put your order on flat surface for transportation, the ideal place is a trunk or floor ( passenger seats or heads do not work )
  • Please deliver it directly from pickup location to your fridge without stopping by for any other activities
  • Keep your order in a fridge at all times prior to serving
  • Shelf life is 3 days
  • More then 1 hour trips require a cold box is to be used